Creating a Free Workout Plan

4 min readSep 12, 2021

A great website that lets you create 5 free workout plans.

You don’t need to go to a gym to get a good long-term workout with the results you want, whether it’s building strength or losing weight. The best workout apps can help you get fit, monitoring your progress along the way. If you’re looking for website that chart out an online exercise routine for you, Workout Builder can be your guide. Become your own personal trainer for any fitness plan or bodybuilding workout with workout builder.

The fitness planner website contains thousands of home workouts requiring little to no equipment. If you want to design your own personal training program, all you have to do is become a free member.

Workout Builder
Workout Builder

Membership is completely free.

There is a calculator that determines the amount of calories you need to take daily, This is very useful

Creating a training program is much easier than you think.

The 6-day workout split is an advanced strength training routine, particularly designed to optimize the time spent targetting your major muscle groupings each week.

The 6-day workout is designed to maximize muscle growth across the body’s most important muscles. It splits the week into individual training sessions, spread out over 6 days (yes, that’s 6 days of working out; it’s intense!) The idea is to target each muscle grouping twice per week while also giving them 2 days off in between sessions to recover.

For example, if Monday is chest day, you’ll schedule a second chest training session on Thursday. However, the 6-day bodybuilding split can become complicated as there are 6 major muscle groupings that you need to target once per week. Fitting everything into one week-long schedule (twice) is demanding enough on its own.

Within those muscle groupings, there are individual muscles we have to target as well. For example, you don’t just hit your arms; you’ll target either your biceps or triceps.

Here are the major muscles that we need to target within a 6-day split:

· Back

· Chest

· Arms (forearms, biceps, and triceps)

· Shoulders

· Legs (calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps)

· Abs

It can be tricky to plan a week-long schedule, fitting in every single muscle grouping twice a week. A 6-day workout plan should leave enough time between each muscle workout. For example, you don’t want to work out your arms two days in a row, but you can target biceps on Monday, then triceps on Tuesday.

Because of the limited time and a large number of muscle groups, you’ll often have to work out several different muscles on the same day. Many muscle groupings complement each other well, and you can easily incorporate them into the same session.

Again, biceps and triceps are the most common example of the best muscle group combinations to workout together. You can also work out your shoulders and chest simultaneously, or your legs and core muscles.

Remember that you can vary your workout schedule each week to diversify your program. Don’t be afraid to experiment by targeting different muscles in the same session as your training starts to see progress.