5 Foods to Avoid When You Experience Anxiety or Depression

2 min readNov 14, 2020


Anxiety and depression are really major and serious circumstances that can be experienced by an individual. Experiencing such can greatly affect an individual’s life in a negative way. It can affect the way people treat others as well as how they treat themselves. It can also affect the way they see life. Sometimes, people who are anxious and depressed think of lots of negative things, which include self-infliction, or worse, suicide.

To avoid these circumstances to happen, always remember that what you eat helps with how you feel emotionally as well.

Below, we have provided you with a list of foods to avoid when experiencing anxiety and depression.

Wheat and Refined Flour. Cookies, breads and pasta contain wheat and refined flour. Wheat, in this sense, contains gluten which can disable the absorption of nutrients needed by the body. Studies have shown that people who are gluten-intolerant tend to have low levels of serotonin, and serotonin is needed by the body to reduce anxiety and depression.

Soy. Soy disrupts endocrine hormones and can produce a depressing effect on the thyroid, as it can cause trouble in iodine, iron and zinc absorption, which are the three nutrients are important for a healthy immune system. Furthermore, soy is hard to digest especially when it is not fermented, and can cause trouble to the digestive tract.

Caffeine. Coffee and other products rich in caffeine exhaust adrenal glands, which can also cause exhaustion on the endocrine system. When the endocrine system is exhausted, it is more difficult to handle stress, which is really not good for people who experience anxiety and depression.

Refined Sugar. Like caffeine, sugar exhausts the endocrine system which makes stress more difficult to handle. Sugar consumption also causes decreased libido and sex hormones disruption. One important thing: sugar also feeds your cancer cells, so it’s best to get away from it.

Fat. Unhealthy fat sources like margarine, canola oil and refined oils can cause harm to the endocrine system. Stay away from these sources, and it’ll do good on you.

This list might be shorter than you think, but trust me; this can help you more than anything else. Ditch these foods and see how doing so can help you.

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